Picture of The Myth Of Spicy Indian Food

The Myth Of Spicy Indian Food

Hi, I am Pardaman, a professional chef of Indian origin, cooking Indian and International food since 1995.

When I planned to start my business in the food industry (my own restaurant), I had given a lot of thought to which cuisine to choose, based on what is my background and where I can give my best to the customers with my cooking skills, taste, flavors.

Finally, I decided that I will do well to cook with the flavors and taste as I had grown up watching my mother cooking tasty, healthy food everyday for the family with different flavors. We never had a meal without flavor and taste to it.

Although I have cooked different cuisines in five star hotels, beach hotels, cafes and restaurants, my decision was to now do Indian food. I am very happy with it.

Since I have started my restaurant, I have faced the challenge of customers, mainly locals, believing in the myth of Indian food being excessively spicy, hot and oily. Hence they avoid Indian food. I want to assure you all - this myth about Indian cuisine is wrong! All Indian food is not spicy, only some are. They seem to get the most attention. However, true Indian cuisine caters for all tastes. There is something appropriate for all - from young kids to the old.

Normally non-Indians expect that we will always mix spices with chillies. That is not really the case.

Many spices have almost no heat (if used in appropriate quantity) but lend a lot of flavors, taste and health benefits to the food. Some of the known spices used in Indian cuisine are cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, coriander, bay leaves, cloves and last but not the least, turmeric which has great healing powers.

Chillies are pure heat which can feel burning to your mouth and upset the stomach if used excessively.

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